Incoming Attorney General Peter Kilmartin Supports “Secure Communities” Program

While incoming Governor Lincoln Chafee and incoming Providence Mayor Angel Taveras have been vocal about their opposition to policies that target immigrants, incoming Attorney General Peter Kilmartin is taking a different tack according to the Providence Journal:

Criminal suspects in Rhode Island would have their fingerprints automatically checked against an immigration database to determine if they’re in the country legally under a federal initiative that incoming attorney general Peter Kilmartin says he’ll enlist the state in after taking office.

The “Secure Communities” program, which the federal government hopes to roll out nationwide by 2013, has stoked debate about what role local police departments should have in federal immigration enforcement and about whether illegal immigrants accused of petty offenses are being flagged for deportation.

Supporters, including Kilmartin, say the initiative simplifies information sharing between local and federal law enforcement agencies, and is about identifying only those illegal immigrants accused of breaking the law. The government says the fingerprint program comes at no extra cost for communities.


One response to “Incoming Attorney General Peter Kilmartin Supports “Secure Communities” Program

  1. Amazing how some people whio supposedly like to say we are a nation of laws lionize illegal aliens or resident convicted of crimes like they’re some noble individuals.They are law violators plain and simple-if they get caught,that’s life.
    We can’t pick and choose which laws we’ll respect-we can attempt tp change those we don’t like,but undermining them is unethical,particularly for public officials.
    In case no one noticed,this isn’t Myanmar or Uzbekistan,or North Korea or the PRC.Even illegal aliens get the due process available in deportation proceedings,although of course it’s not as extensive as that in criminal proceedings.
    We need to remove emotion from administrative justice.People are really sick of this pandering attitude exemplified by the Governor elect.
    This is not to condone random immigration checks by police-such an inquiry should only arise from a stop,investigation,or arrest for a state offense.
    The exception is transporting/smuggling where police,upon probable cause,have authority under 8USC1324 to exercise criminal jurisdiction.Same as ,let’s say, a mail theft observed by a police officer to amke it simple-no one seriously suggests they make a note and call the Postal Inspectors.

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