Providence Lawyer Involved with first-of-its-kind Marijuana Case

RI Lawyers Weekly reports that Providence lawyer, Josh Macktaz, has found himself at the center of a case that could serve as an important wake-up call to authorities in this new era of marijuana-friendly legislation.

Q. Tell me about the case.

A. My client is a Massachusetts resident who went to California on a job search. While he was there, he obtained a medical marijuana license. He returned home and was stopped for speeding by police in Cranston. He explained that he had 29.5 grams of marijuana in the car and showed them his license. But when the officers found $4,400 in $20s and $50s in the glove box — money given to him by family members for an investment — he was arrested and charged with simple possession. The police seized the marijuana and turned the money over to the federal authorities — the DEA — for forfeiture.


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