3rd Circuit Strikes Down Anti-Immigrant Law in Hazleton

The ACLU’s Blog of Rights reports that the 3rd Circuit Court of Appeals found the city of Hazleton, Pennsylvania’s anti-immigrant laws unconstitutional.

In August 2006, the city of Hazleton passed a law that would punish landlords and employers accused of renting to or hiring anyone the city deems an “illegal alien.” We challenged that law in district court and won in 2007, and the city of Hazleton appealed that ruling to the 3rd Circuit.

Hazleton’s law spawned several copycat measures in other places, including Arizona, so the case has attracted very close interest from supporters of such discriminatory laws as well as their opponents. In today’s unanimous opinion, the court stated that it was “required to intervene when states and localities directly undermine the federal objectives embodied in statutes enacted by Congress.” The Hazleton law, the court said, “attempted to usurp authority that the Constitution has placed beyond the vicissitudes of local governments” and “could not possibly be in greater conflict with Congress’s intent” as reflected in federal law.

This decision comes on the heels of a recent legal victory against S.B. 1070, the racial profiling law law passed in Arizona this summer.


One response to “3rd Circuit Strikes Down Anti-Immigrant Law in Hazleton

  1. I wish the Obama administration should leave Arizona alone because it’s clear that he don’t have the Will to protect the Constitution of the United State and to uphold all it’s laws. They know they can’t win this worthless lawsuit like what happened in Hazleton, Pennsylvania but they continue bringing this up to maintain the mexican vote….. both from the illegal and the legal….These illegals are fornutate because politicians can use them. lol…. Where in the world you can get a free cards…….not to mention free housing, free food, free healthcare, free education, etc.? ONLY IN THE USA…. And I couldn’t understand they waived their flags and claimed their rights… Gessh and to add insult to injury Obama supported the mexican president to stand in the white house and slam Arizona. Is the President Obama showing care and concern to his people or what? You decide……. Let’s support Arizona and every State who are now following the step of Arizona. God bless America!

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