Washington Post Calls for “Uncompromising” Probe into New Orleans Police Shootings.

The Washington Post correctly editorializes the following:

“A van full of police screeches to a halt on a New Orleans bridge, just days after Hurricane Katrina has devastated the city. The officers open fire on civilians, killing two and seriously wounding four. They and fellow officers try to cover up the crimes by planting guns at the scene, fabricating witness statements and falsifying police reports to claim that the civilians shot first. This series of events is almost beyond belief, yet a recently unsealed federal indictment claims that this is exactly what a crew of New Orleans police officers did. If true, these are crimes for which the defendants should be sentenced to the maximum penalty.”

[New Orleans Mayor Mitch Landrieu] “wisely reached out to the Justice Department this year and all but implored it to conduct a top-to-bottom review of all functions and policies. The department is conducting such an investigation. The probe should be thorough and uncompromising.”


5 responses to “Washington Post Calls for “Uncompromising” Probe into New Orleans Police Shootings.

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