Judge considers Dismissing Nicaraguan Banana Workers’ case against Dole.

The Associated Press reports on the bizarre litigation involving banana workers and Dole.

A filmmaker whose interviews are a critical part of hearings about the validity of a multimillion dollar judgment against Dole Food Co. insists he “wasn’t here to be a yes man” for either side in the dispute over damage to Nicaraguan banana workers.

Jason Glaser acknowledged he was being paid by lawyers representing the workers who claim pesticides made them sterile. But he said his tapes of mysterious “John Doe” witnesses, one of which was played in court Friday, may have helped or harmed either side in the lawsuit.

Glaser told Judge Victoria Chaney he is concerned about his safety as a result of testifying.

“Nobody likes the guy who shows both sides,” he said.

Chaney presided over the 2007 trial in which jurors awarded six plaintiffs $2.3 million. She held three days of hearings this week to consider whether to throw out the verdict after Dole investigators uncovered evidence that some of the workers suing the company had lied.

The “Law Blog” at the Wall Street Journal also covered the story.

Just when we thought the litigation involving Nicaraguan banana workers and Dole Foods couldn’t get any stranger, it has. (Note to self: Never again think that the Dole banana case can’t get any stranger). The case, which involves numerous alleged shady tactics by plaintiffs lawyers (as well as some shady behavior decades ago by Dole) (click here for an LB overview from last year), took a weird turn on Thursday when a filmmaker who went to Nicaragua to make a documentary said he became an undercover worker for a plaintiffs’ firm that was suing Dole on behalf of banana plantation workers.


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