New Appointments to the RI Board of Bar Admissions

U.S. District Court Chief Judge of the District of Rhode Island Mary M. Lisi recently announced that, effective June 1, 2010, the Court has appointed Attorneys Jeffrey C. Schreck, Anthony M. Traini, and Karen A. Pelczarski to serve 3-year terms on the Board of Bar Admissions.

Attorney Patricia K. Rocha has been appointed as Chair of the Board. Attorney Rocha is serving in her second term, and prior to accepting the position of Chair, she served as the civil procedure expert. Attorney Rocha is the first woman in the history of the Board to be appointed as Chair.

The Board of Bar Admissions oversees the Court’s Attorney Admissions Program and administers a mandatory course of instruction on federal practice with a focus on local practices and procedures.  Members of the Board serve an initial 3-year term, and they are then eligible to be reappointed for a second term. Each member is assigned a specific area of practice in which the Court considers them to be
an expert.

The current members of the Board of Bar Admissions and their subject areas are:

  • Patricia K. Rocha Chair
  • William M. Dolan Jurisdiction
  • Matthew J. McGowan Bankruptcy
  • Karen A. Pelczarski Civil Procedure
  • William A. Poore Professional Conduct
  • Jeffrey C. Schreck Local Rules
  • Anthony M. Traini Criminal Procedure

According to Chief Judge Lisi, “The Board plays a critical role in preparing attorneys for practice before this Court. The contribution of time and knowledge that each member makes to the admissions process is invaluable, both to the Court and to the bar applicants. Because of the voluntary services that these individuals provide, new attorneys are well prepared to appear in our courtrooms. These individuals should be commended for their outstanding contribution to the practice of law and to the administration of justice.”


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