Brown University Named in Lawsuit Over Rape Accusation

Via the New York Times, Brown University has been named in a lawsuit claiming that school officials blocked a former male student from clearing his name when a female student accused him of rape.

According to the lawsuit, in 2006, a female student reported to her resident coordinator that William McCormick III was “following her” around at school. Brown officials pressed the student, the daughter of an alumni donor, to add McCormick’s name to an official complaint and that he raped her, the suit claims. McCormick was then expelled from school, but neither the girl nor school officials reported the crime to campus or local police.

McCormick claims he was denied a copy of the girl’s complaint and was refused a chance to tell his side of the story.

At a hearing on Monday, Judge William E. Smith of Federal District Court in Providence, R.I., questioned why Brown never reported the alleged attack to the police. “The thought that with all the people involved in this matter at different levels, a determination is made to not tell law enforcement, even the Brown Police Department — I’m having trouble getting that,” Judge Smith said, according to The Associated Press. He also characterized the lawsuit as “a mess” and told Mr. McCormick’s lawyer, J. Scott Kilpatrick, that some of the assertions appeared to be unsubstantiated.


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