RI ACLU Hosts Event on Ending Guantánamo

The RI ACLU is hosting a good event on April 19th called Ending Guantánamo: Torture, Illegal Detention, and the Challenges to Restoring the Rule of Law.   The event starts at 7:30 pm at Brown University’s Salomon Center – Room 001 (Waterman St. & Brown St. – Providence, RI)

The event features a speech by Jonathan Hafetz, an attorney with the ACLU’s National Security Project and editor of The Guantánamo Lawyers, Inside a Prison – Outside the Law.  Hafetz will speak about his book, his work representing Guantánamo detainees, the legal, human, and moral failings of the Guantánamo prison and the challenges of closing it, and the fight to win national security policies that are consistent with the Constitution, the rule of law, and fundamental human rights.


One response to “RI ACLU Hosts Event on Ending Guantánamo

  1. It is important to recognize how domestic repression is used to desensitize us from foreign occupation, kidnapping, and torture.

    Hardly anything that occurs in places like Guantanamo is news to prisoners inside the U.S., where people are held in sensory deprivation for decades.

    The Abu Ghraib guards were American prison guards, which is yet another example how the domestic and international militarization are seamless.

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