Who’s Running for Congress in Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District

Congress: “They’re in”

Congress: “They’re seriously considering it.”

  • Rep. David Segal – Young, aggressive, progressive with a broad base of support.  Can run as the outsider and the reformer.
  • Donna Nesselbush – Private practice attorney, municipal judge in Pawtucket and former executive director of the RI Coalition Against Domestic Violence.  Source tells me that she’s leaning against it.
  • Mayor Dan McKee – A source close to McKee tells me that the Cumberland Mayor is leaning toward running as people he trusts have gamed out a path to victory that’s convincing to him. He’s heading to D.C. early next week to discuss national fundraising through the Democrats for Education Reform network. McKee’s previous comments about running to the Journal are here.
  • Rep. Jon Brien – DINO and worst candidate of the bunch.

Congress: They’re Out

  • Former Rep. Bob Weygand – former Congressman and URI executive.
  • Councilman Seth Yurdin – Progressive elected official with a base on Providence’s East Side.
  • State Sen. Josh Miller – small business owner and environmental champion.  Could raise money quickly.
  • Rep. Edith Ajello – represents powerful East Side.
  • Former State Sen. Myrth York – Money and name recognition.
  • Jeremy Kapstein – senior adviser to the Red Sox has been making waves lately about running for office in RI.
  • Joseph Amaral – former hospital executive.
  • Former Lt. Gov. Charlie Fogarty – former lt. governor and 2006 democratic gubernatorial nominee.  lots of name recognition.
  • Ari Matusiak – Housing and health care advocate; ran statewide housing ballot initiative; ability to raise fast money.
  • Guillaume de Ramel – unsuccessful Secretary of State candidate in 2006, but got a large number of votes.
  • Nicholas Pell – grandson of Claiborne Pell.  His comments about running are here. He issued a statement on 2/23 that he is not running.
  • Rep. Ed Pacheco – young, aggressive progressive who has proven he can win over conservative voters in Burrillville.  His comments about running to the Journal are here. He issued a statement on 2/22 that he is not running.
  • Sen. Teresa Paiva-Weed – it would be skeptical that the Senate President would give up her job to run in a primary for Congress, but she certainly has name recognition and the ability to raise money. More here.
  • Sec. of State Ralph Mollis – current Secretary of State considering a look at Congress.
  • Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts – with Emily’s list, could win a divided primary.
  • Former Rep. Betsy Dennigan (already has a federal account) – moved from CD1 to CD2 to run against Langevin.  Does she move back? She emailed me and said shes in it to win it in CD=2.
  • Treasurer Frank Caprio – A Caprio campaign spokesperson called and said that there is no chance that Caprio will be running for Congress — he is running for Governor.
  • Attorney General Patrick Lynch – A Lynch campaign spokesperson writes and says to take Lynch’s name off the list because he is “definitely running for Governor.”
  • Gina Raimondo – currently running for Treasurer, but could raise fast money for Congressional bid. She’s definitely running for Treasurer.
  • Kate Coyne-McCoy – In CD-2. She’s staying at EM.


and, even with the candidacy of Republican John Loughlin already announced, watch out for the entrance of conservative Republican former US Senate…

  • Former Cranston Mayor Steve Laffey


2 responses to “Who’s Running for Congress in Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District

  1. When the heck is this state going to wake up and stop electing Democrats? The Democratic Party is responsible for screwing up this country AND this state. Smarten up, people!

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