Rainville Runs for AG; Moffit for Governor

A Democrat and a Republican recently announced their bids for statewide office in Rhode Island.

Robert Rainville is running for the Democratic nomination for Attorney General.  The Providence Journal reports:

East Greenwich lawyer Robert E. Rainville, a lobbyist and former probate court judge in West Warwick, announced Friday that he will be a candidate for the Democratic nomination for attorney general.

A self-described “conservative Democrat,” Rainville said he wants the office, in part, to demonstrate that it can be run in a nonpartisan way and in the public interest.

Rainville said the electorate must remember there is much more to the post of attorney general than crime-fighting, and he said that he would emphasize consumer protection on issues such as health-insurance rates and fraud, as well as the prosecution of white-collar crime and political corruption.

Rainville, 40, owns a real estate title company and is a sole legal practitioner who specializes in estate planning, litigation and government relations. He has been a registered lobbyist for, among others, the hospital company Care New England, a casino group associated with millionaire Donald Trump, the Rhode Island Board of Governors for Higher Education and the Rhode Island Pharmacists Association.

Victor Moffitt is running for the Republican nomination for Governor.  The Providence Journal has more:

A second Republican is on the verge of announcing his candidacy for governor.

Tax accountant and former state Rep. Victor Moffitt confirmed Thursday that he intends to announce his candidacy for governor on April 15, which, not entirely coincidentally, is the deadline for filing tax returns.

At that point, Moffitt, 60, of Coventry said he will roll out an updated version of the Three R’s — “Reduce, Replace and Reform” — that he first unveiled when he ran for state treasurer on the Reform Party ticket in 1998.

“I will be laying out my entire tax program on April 15,” said Moffitt, who opted against running for reelection after serving three terms in the House of Representatives.

Once he makes it official, Moffitt will be locked in a Republican primary competition with John Robitaille who, until recently, was Republican Governor Carcieri’s communications director. Carcieri is barred by term limits from running for reelection.


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