Elizabeth Roberts Declines to Run for Kennedy Congressional Seat

The list of potential Democratic contenders to replace retiring Congressman Patrick Kennedy has been reduced by one.  Today, Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts – as expected – declined to run and announced her intention to run for re-election as Lt. Governor.

Today, Lt. Governor Roberts made the following statement, “Over the last few days, I have been humbled by the support of many Rhode Islanders who have encouraged me to enter the race to succeed Congressman Kennedy representing Rhode Island’s first district in Washington. While it would be an honor to have the opportunity to be a member of congress, my place right now is here in Rhode Island.

“As I declared last July, I will run for re-election as lieutenant governor. Rhode Islanders need an advocate – someone who will stand up to insurance companies who are looking for double digit rate increases and will work to bring down the cost of health care, and most importantly, someone who works with small business owners to grow jobs in our state.

“Tonight, I stood up for businesses large and small across the state who are struggling with the worst economy in decades in the face of more double digit increases from health insurance companies. I will continue to fight for RI businesses and families as Lt. Governor.”


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