Who’s Running for Mayor of Providence in 2010?

Running for Providence Mayor?
  • Councilman John Lombardi – RUNNING – already has a website up and running.  Only 50k in the bank though.  He’s announcing on February 15th.  More here.
  • Angel Taveras – RUNNING – This Mt. Pleasant candidate has a great story: from Head Start to Harvard.  Ran for Congress in 2000 in his first election bid and won an impressive number of votes.  In the last ten years, he built a successful law practice and served as a Housing Court Judge.  Can easily build the Ward 5 / East Side / South Side coalition that Cicilline used to win in 2002. More here.
  • Rep. Steve Costantino – RUNNING – currently House finance chair, looking at a run for Treasurer or Mayor.  Pundits are saying that it’s going to be a tough environment for him to run in considering the recent State cuts to city education aid.  However, he can raise money quickly and he has citywide name recognition.  More here.
  • Sen. Juan Pichardo – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING– has mayoral ambitions and a large base in South Providence. More here.
  • Andrew Annaldo – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING– the current Board of Licenses chairman is rumored to be thinking about putting a significant amount of money into the race. More here.
  • Kevin Jackson – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING- Ward 3 councilman has a strong reputation as a youth and a sports advocate and is well-liked in the African-American community.
  • Rep. David Segal – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING– young, aggressive, progressive with a broad base of support.
  • Myrth York – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING–This former state senator and gubernatorial nominee has the name recognition and the financial resources to be a top contender right away.  More here.
  • Ari Matusiak – – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING – Housing and health care advocate; ran statewide housing ballot initiative; ability to raise fast money.
  • Joe Paolino – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING – Former Mayor lost in 2002 to now-Mayor David Cicilline by a margin of 52% to 34%. More here.
  • John Kelly – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING– Ran and lost for HD-10 a few months back to Scott Slater.
  • Councilman Michael Solomon – THINKING ABOUT RUNNING – represents large turnout Ward 5; small business owner; would have significant support from Council members. Can raise money quickly and has citywide name recognition. More here. Councilman Solomon is planning on running for re-election and working towards winning the Council Presidency.
  • Councilman Terry Hassett – Smith Hill councilman and current majority leader. He emailed me to say that he is going to run for re-election on the Council and focus on the serious financial crisis facing the city.
  • Luis Aponte – former Council majority leader and well-known latino leader. He will run for re-election and is building a coalition for the Council Presidency.

2 responses to “Who’s Running for Mayor of Providence in 2010?

  1. Mike Solomon would have my support and vote.
    A man who knows hoe to get things done and done right!

  2. Are you telling me that there are that many candidates for Mayor?? That’s a lot of people to make voters have to decide on…

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