Bill Lynch Announces for Congress

Bill Lynch announced today he is a candidate for the U.S. House of Representatives in Rhode Island’s 1st Congressional District.

“Today, I’m proud to announce my candidacy for Congress because we need to cut through the Washington gridlock and get Rhode Islanders back to work and our economy moving again. This campaign is about getting Washington working for America’s families. Rhode Islanders can no longer afford the partisan bickering both the Republican and Democratic Parties provided last year and there is plenty of blame to go around,” said Lynch.

“We need to change the tone in Washington and it will take two parties working together to produce the progress Rhode Islanders need,” said Lynch. “The cornerstone of my campaign will be to restore dignity to the national debate and provide common sense solutions with tangible results for the residents of the 1st Congressional District.”

“I want to thank Patrick Kennedy for his dedication to Rhode Island for the last 16 years. He has truly been a champion of Rhode Island’s working class families. If elected, I will certainly work hard to bring the same energy and commitment to Congress,” said Lynch.

Lynch stated his policy agenda will focus on job creation and the economy.

“With the third highest unemployment rate in the country, job creation has to be our number one priority. We must confront this financial crisis and work towards common sense solutions that create new jobs and spur a long-term recovery,” said Lynch. “Job creation is not a Republican or Democratic issue, it’s about creating security for working families. I will also focus on the banking and financial institutions that contributed to the nation’s economic collapse. It is inexplicable that billions of dollars of taxpayer money was used to bail out Wall Street, yet small business owners – on Main Street here in Rhode Island – still cannot access capital.”

“The bailout should have come with taxpayer protections in place, including a provision preventing the use of taxpayer dollars for outrageous Wall Street bonuses,” added Lynch.

“I grew up in a family that believes public service is an honorable pursuit and have been honored to participate in various ways throughout my life. I have been proud to serve as chairman of my party for these past years. At the same time, I admit to a growing sense of frustration and disappointment with the lack of civility and progress in Washington that has left the American people out in the cold,” said Lynch. “Washington needs leaders who are dedicated to producing a new way forward and I plan on being a part of that process. ”

“The partisan politics of Washington are no longer providing solutions for the taxpayers of Rhode Island. I share the sentiments of voters who are angry and upset with the divisive debate that has ground Washington to a halt. I want Rhode Island families to know I will not participate in the rhetoric that has left all of us discouraged and disillusioned these past few years,” stated Lynch. “As a member of the federal delegation, I will find ways to work more closely with elected officials back in Rhode Island to create new jobs and get this state moving again.

“I believe the vast majority of Rhode Islanders want the Republicans and Democrats who represent them to move to the center. It is time to stop the bitter debate driven by the extreme left and right. We need to come together and govern from the middle in a manner that makes sense for working families here in Rhode Island,” said Lynch. “If I have the privilege of representing the 1st Congressional District, I will always put the people of Rhode Island first – before party, before politics and before partisanship – Rhode Island’s needs will be my highest priority.”

In conjunction with today’s announcement, Lynch informed Democratic Party leaders and officials of his resignation as the chairman of the Democratic Party effective immediately.


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