Federal Government Still Investigating Toyota Recall

As a followup to our post on knowing the facts about the Toyota recall, the Associated Press is reporting that Transportation Secretary Ray LaHood “sharply criticized” Toyota and accused the automaker of being “‘a little safety deaf’ to mounting evidence of problems.” LaHood also told the AP “that federal safety officials had to ‘wake them up’ to the seriousness of the safety issues that eventually led Toyota to recall millions of popular brands like Camry and Corolla. That included a visit to Toyota’s offices in Japan to convince them to take action.”

In addition, the Detroit News reports that a “senior” DOT official confirmed that “NHTSA is considering imposing civil penalties on Toyota for its conduct.” The News notes that under US law, “automakers can be fined $16.375 million per recall.” Meanwhile, “Toyota didn’t directly address LaHood’s criticisms in its own statement.”


2 responses to “Federal Government Still Investigating Toyota Recall

  1. From what I understand the NHTSA may be fining Toyota for not acting more quickly to recall and resolve this issue..

  2. “TOYOTA” The manufacturing sacrificial sacrifice. Complaints of deaths due to sudden acceleration in Toyota cars, like the Audi that went 0-60MPH at a turn of a key that involved death and injury, I don’t recall any apologies from Audi. Recalls aren’t new take a look: http://wwwapps.tc.gc.ca/saf-sec-sur/7/vrdb-bdrv/search/search.aspx?lang=e Ford 1419 recalls, Chrysler 309 recalls, Cadillac’s alone 190 recalls Toyota 139 recalls; and them with out sin cast the first stone. Domestic(?) auto makers now push to produce everywhere but north America, Toyota and Honda with plants in US and Canada are turning more domestic then Ford, Chrysler or GM who just opened a new line in Asia. “Domestic” means production that takes place within the country’s borders (Wikipedia). http://twitter.com/economicblow

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