Know the Facts about the Toyota Recall

Toyota has expanded the recall of several models of cars troubled by uncontrolled acceleration (see full list of recalls here).  The recall now includes 2.3 million vehicles including the popular Camry and Corolla models.

Bloomberg News reports that Toyota “faces lawsuits involving at least three deaths that allegedly link so-called sudden acceleration to other causes. Consumers also filed at least three class-action, or group, lawsuits, in November and another last week” in which they “blame the sudden acceleration on the vehicles’ electronic throttle-control system, known as the ETCS-Intelligent System.” Also, “plaintiffs’ lawyers claim that Toyota knew of the sudden acceleration problem for years before the November recall.”

The Wall Street Journal reports that attorneys across the country are hearing from Toyota owners regarding accidents, injuries, deaths or fears regarding their cars. Some are complaining of economic damages from a decline in their car’s resale value. Some experts say they expect Toyota to settle suits.

Meanwhile the USA Today reports that, “CTS, a global operation that supplies the pedals to Toyota (TM), isn’t even the top dog in the arcane world of accelerator pedal suppliers. It holds less than 20% of the global market for such assemblies.” But “all the Toyota vehicles in the pedal recall have CTS assemblies.”

Finally, the New York Times reports that Congress will begin investigating the Toyota recall and with the “involvement of the House Energy and Commerce Committee, Toyota faces the most publicized investigation in the industry since problems with Firestone tires on Ford Explorers and other vehicles early last decade.”

If you are have had been injured as a result of a stuck accelerator pedal in a recalled Toyota vehicle, contact a lawyer today.

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