North Providence Radiologist, Dr. Nicholas D. Iannuccilli, Allowed to Resume Practice

The Providence Journal reports that North Providence radiologist, Dr. Nicholas D. Iannuccilli, has resumed his practice after undergoing treatment for substance abuse and receiving approval from the state’s Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline.

“I never met a doctor who was so relieved to get caught. This poor fellow was crying out for help,” said Bruce McIntyre, acting administrative officer of the state Board of Medical Licensure and Discipline. “He spent a considerable amount of time in treatment.” McIntyre said that Iannuccilli had not been sued and the board had not received any complaints about the quality of his work.

In a brief phone interview, Iannuccilli said that he wrote prescriptions for Ativan, a tranquilizer, for his sister-in-law but took them himself as a sleep aid. “It was the worst decision I ever made in my life. I’m very repentant,” he said. “I’m back at work –– thank God.”

Under his agreement with the medical board, Iannuccilli’s medical license was suspended retroactively for the period from Aug. 21 through Jan. 13, at which point he was put on probation. He will be monitored for drug abuse by the Physicians Health Committee of the Rhode Island Medical Society, and his probation will continue until that committee believes he no longer needs monitoring. His license to prescribe controlled substances has been suspended for at least a year. And he must pay a $500 administrative fee.

The goal of the Board is to provide information which furthers safe and healthy lives in safe and healthy communities.  You can find out more here and you can look up the status of a doctor’s privileges and history of disciplinary actions here.


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