Justice for Eric Frimpong

Eric FrimpongWill the Appeals Court agree with Joel Engel?  I hope so.

After spending much of the last two years researching the 2007 trial of Eric Frimpong for rape, journalist and author Joel Engel believes that the former UCSB soccer player was wrongly convicted. This article is the result of the 6,000 hours of unpaid research he and his uncle did for Frimpong’s appellate team, and represents solely his opinions on the matter. Frimpong’s case is currently under appeal, and a decision is expected soon.

I used to think that even bad cops lied only about the worst bad guys. I believed most prosecutors tried only defendants they considered guilty beyond reasonable doubt. And I assumed that highly paid defense attorneys, aware that someone’s freedom was at stake, carefully prepared their cases before walking into court.

Then I met Eric Frimpong.

Six years in state prison.  Remember that’s six more years than the Duke players got.  Of course, in this case, a black man is accused of raping a white woman with an all white jury.

I urge you to visit the Eric Frimpong Freedom Fund and read his story.  And donate.  And forward this site onto your friends. Justice denied is never stopped without the will of the people making it so.

Also, you can join me in buying a t-shirt in support of Eric Frimpong.  Every single dollar from the sale will go to the Frimpong Freedom Fund.  Click here to buy.


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