Update on Judicial Nominees and Confirmations

President Barack Obama has nominated 30 people to federal judgeships thus far in his presidency.  Here’s the breakdown.

11 Confirmations

  • 1 SCOTUS:  (Sotomayor)
  • 3 CIRCUIT COURTS of APPEAL:  (Lynch, Davis, Hamilton)
  • 7 DISTRICT COURTS:  (Viken, Lange, Berger, Honeywell, Reiss, Kallon, Nguyen)

19 Nominees Pending:

  • 9 CIRCUIT COURTS of APPEAL:  (Thompson, Chin, Vanaskie, Greenaway, Keenan, Diaz, Wynn, Stranch, Martin)
  • 10 DISTRICT COURTS:  (Jackson, Butler, Conley, Seeborg, Gee, Chen, Peterson, Freudenthal, Marshall, Pearson)

Overall, there are 97 total Federal Court vacancies: 20 in the Circuits and 77 in the District Courts.


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