Trial Lawyers Seek to Get the Facts Out on Health Care Reform and Medical Malpractice

The American Association for Justice has bought up all the advertising space at Union Station in Washington D.C. to remind the political decision makers that 98,000 people die each year from preventable medical errors.  Both Politico and the Wall St. Journal have stories on the campaign.  Click here to see photos of the advertising blitz.

Here’s AAJ’s president Anthony Tarricone:

In our continued efforts to protect the rights of patients, today, we launched a new ad campaign in the Union Station metro in Washington, DC, targeting Senate staffers commuting to work.

The station has over 30 spots for ads, including billboards, banners and lightboxes. All the ads on the platform include stories of people who have been injured by medical negligence, with other messages displayed throughout the station. It directs readers to visit, where they can view reports, fact sheets, and stories of real people injured by medical negligence.

Click here to learn the facts on medical malpractice and health care reform.


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