Opening Arguments Begin in James Woods Medical Malpractice Case

The Associated Press reports that opening arguments will begin Monday in a wrongful death lawsuit brought by the actor James Woods over the death of his 49 year old brother, Michael Woods, at Kent Hospital in Warwick.  Woods alleges that his younger brother received negligent care when he died in 2006 of what was believed to be a heart attack.

The case – James Woods, et. al. v. Kelli Naylor, et. al. KC-2007-0630 – will be heard Monday in front of RI Superior Court Associate Justice Daniel Procaccini.  Mark Decof is representing the plaintiffs and Dave Carroll is representing the defendants.

UpdateThe Providence Journal has a good report on the opening arguments.


One response to “Opening Arguments Begin in James Woods Medical Malpractice Case

  1. Even though it wont bring his brother back, i am glad to hear that the hospital accepted responsibilty. You don’t hear that very often. My father died very tragically in a hospital in NH. he died less than 20 hours after neck surgery. He was found unresponsive, front part of the neck brace was off. Our fathers neck swelled after surgery and he could not breathe. His neck was severely bruised. in addition, he was not hooked up to a heart took them 20 min to get a pulse. I ended up losing my father. I have already sent the hospital my letter of intent ti file suit. now, to obtain a lawyer.

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