Family of Drowned Boy Files $15 Million Claim v. City of Providence

The Providence Journal reports that the family of the 9-year-old boy who drowned in a city pool in August is seeking $15 million from the city, according to a wrongful death claim filed in City Hall by Kenneth A. Schreiber, the Cranston-based lawyer representing Jameson’s family

Jameson Auciel, formerly of 461 Elmwood Ave., died on Aug. 20, three days after he was pulled unconscious from the McGrane Pool in the city’s West End. Jameson had been floating face down in the 3- to 4-foot public pool on Bucklin Street. His cousin, Gamaelle Bazelais, 8, also of 461 Elmwood Ave., was also found floating face down and unconscious in the pool. Both were rushed to Hasbro Children’s Hospital in Providence. City officials and police have not offered specifics on what transpired at the pool that day that ultimately led to Jameson’s death and the near-drowning of his cousin. A state medical examiner’s report completed Sept. 4 determined that Jameson died of a lack of oxygen to the brain brought on by drowning.

“The family wants answers,” said Kenneth A. Schreiber, the Cranston-based lawyer representing Jameson’s family. “This is the first step in a long road” to get those answers, he said.


David A. Bagus, the North Smithfield-based lawyer representing Gamaelle’s family, said that family has chosen not to file a claim against the city at this point.

Bagus said that the family is concerned about the girl’s physical, mental and emotional state. “She’s being evaluated. We just don’t know where she’s at. She spent three and a half days in a coma, so there are the cognitive issues with that. She was very close to her cousin, so there are the emotional issues with that.”

Once the City of Providence either accepts or rejects the $15 million claim, the plaintiffs can file a complaint in Superior Court.


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