Rhode Island Attorney Robert Brennan Agrees to Disbarment

According to the Providence Journal, veteran family court practitioner Robert M. Brennan has agreed to be disbarred for converting client funds to his own use.

David D. Curtin, chief disciplinary counsel of the state Supreme Court, said Wednesday that he is referring the matter to the Rhode Island State Police for a criminal investigation. Brennan has been suspended from practice since December 2008.

“He admitted he used client money for personal use. What he spent each dime on, we don’t know,” Curtin said in a brief telephone interview. Brennan, who had an office at 75 Sockanosset Cross Rd. in Cranston, practiced law in Rhode Island for more than 37 years. He was suspended from practice at the end of last year during an investigation into the disappearance of $65,731 in client funds that came into his possession after the sale of some real estate in South County.

Then in late August, Curtin filed more ethics complaints against Brennan involving seven more clients who filed complaints with Curtin after Brennan was ordered to stop practicing law.

Click here to see the order from the Rhode Island Supreme Court.


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