RI Trial Lawyers Reception Tonight

The annual reception of the Rhode Island Association for Justice (formerly RI Trial Lawyers Assoc) will be tonight starting at 600pm at the Roger Williams Park Casino.

There are several exciting things happening at tonight’s event.

First, the presidency will be passed from Miriam Weizenbaum to Patrick Barry.  Second, the “Citizen of the Year” Award will be given to two families who lost loved ones in the September 11, 2001 attacks.  The parents of Shawn Nassaney and Sara Low, with their attorney, made a choice to forego the certainty of settlement and instead to put their faith in the power of the civil justice system to reveal failures that would have forever remained hidden from us all.  Third, the “Judicial Merit” Award will be given to RI Superior Court Associate Justice Daniel A. Procaccini, a respected trial judge and current civil calendar judge in Kent County, who receives the award for his contribution to the integrity of the courts and for being a protector of the rights of litigants. Finally, the special guest will be Anthony Tarricone, the newly installed president of the American Association for Justice (formely ATLA).  Tarricone, from Boston, is a tireless advocate who is coming to the event to meet Rhode Island members and bring news from Washington.


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