Roger Williams Law School, Your Family Dinner and a Texas Prosecutor Sleeping with a Judge

Two interesting bits of tabloid news on the legal circuit.

First, involving Rhode Island’s own Roger Williams University School of Law, the legal blog Above the Law reports that the law school is going all out to raise money.  Personally, I don’t see the big deal.

Second, reports that an appeals court denied the appeal of a death row inmate who claimed a conflict of interest between a judge and the prosecutor in his case who had previously been sleeping together:

If anyone had any doubt that the Texas justice system operates in a parallel universe, look no further than the latest decision by the state’s highest court in the case of death-row inmate Charles Dean Hood. On Wednesday the Court of Criminal Appeals (CCA) said it wasn’t interested in examining whether there was a conflict of interest in Hood’s 1990 trial simply because District Attorney Thomas S. O’Connell Jr., Hood’s prosecutor, had had a long-term sexual relationship with presiding Judge Verla Sue Holland, an affair the two tried to hide for 20 years.


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