Chief Judge Urges Police Brutality Investigation in Woonsocket

In a strikingly unusual move, the chief judge of Family Court, Jeremiah S. Jeremiah Jr., asked the Woonsocket police Wednesday to investigate allegations that several police officers brutalized a teenager in a city park and in police headquarters on Tuesday night.

From the Providence Journal:

Judge Jeremiah S. Jeremiah Jr. said the youth, 16, appeared in his courtroom on Wednesday with several visible injures including a swollen eye and contusions to his arms, neck and face. He also had a footprint on his back, the judge said.

The teenager told Jeremiah that the police assaulted him and shot him with a stun gun after he provided them with a false name and tried to run away. He was wanted by police for escaping from a probationary program administered by the state Department of Children, Youth and Families.

Jeremiah called Woonsocket Police Chief Thomas S. Carey and urged him to investigate the allegations of abuse. On Thursday, Carey said that he wants Jeremiah to send his department all of the relevant information about the alleged brutality and he will have his department’s internal affairs officer investigate.

Unlike other departments such as Providence, the Woonsocket Police Department does not have a Civilian Complaint form on their home page.  You have to dig for it, but a complaint form is on their website here.


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