AAJ Leaders Counter Med Mal Myths on National TV

In separate segments, former and current leaders of the American Association for Justice (AAJ) countered the myth that capping medical malpractice lawsuits will reduce health care costs.

On CNN’s Anderson Cooper 360, Less Weisbrod and Todd Smith gave a blunt response in opposition to a federal cap on medical malpractice suits. Weisbrod declared such a cap to be unconstitutional and argued that there is no evidence to show that such a cap would lower healthcare spending. In response to President Obama’s assertion before Congress that doctors complain about the costs of practicing defensive medicine, Weisbrod suggested that Obama spend more time talking with victims of medical malpractice. Meanwhile, Smith countered the notion that meritless cases are brought by trial attorneys by arguing that lawyers have no logical reason to take a case with no chance of winning.

Meanwhile, on CNBC, Anthony Tarricone argued that “studies show there’ll be no appreciable decrease in the cost of healthcare by enacting any of the various so-called reforms that have been promoted. The only way to decrease the cost of healthcare is to reduce the number of preventable medical errors.”


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