Hot Coffee: the Movie

Typically, the McDonald’s “hot coffee case” has been tossed out as a example of ‘frivilous lawsuits.’  However, what really happened in that case?  A new film, Hot Coffee, takes you through the following:

  • What really happened (the facts have little in common with the urban legend);
  • the injuries, (gut-wrenching);
  • McDonald’s refusal to pay for the victim’s medical bills (the family approached McD’s without a lawyer, just looking for the bills to be paid, only to be rebuffed)
  • Why the jurors (in their own words) stand behind their award.

For more information on the film and the 501(c)(3) organization supporting it, click here.


5 responses to “Hot Coffee: the Movie

  1. Yeah, I heard about that. I was at a lecture by some trial lawyers who take injury cases. Most people who have been wronged never sue and never see justice. Still, there has to be a better way.

  2. It’s in Carl Bogus’ book as well. Definitely an eye-opener for many people to hear what actually happened in this case.

  3. We should do a fundraiser here associated with one of the film festival events.

  4. We would be happy to have you host a fundraiser. Let us know where you are. We are heading to the southeast for a research trip this fall before starting to shoot the rest of the movie.

  5. fantastic clip today! Even the clip on the 700 other claims would make fantastic YouTube trailer to generate interest. This story must be told, and ALL the public citizens who helped spread the deceit should be clipped into “scenes” following the trailer like when there are movie bleeps and portions that get edited out- when the credits are rolling. I sure hope apologies are made to this family who have clearly been portrayed as villains.

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