Sotomayor Submits Questionnaire to Senate Judiciary

Yesterday, Judge Sonia Sotomayor submitted her finished questionnaire to the Senate Judiciary Committee.  The questionnaire and its associated attachments are available here.   Items of interest include her writings, speeches, rulings, personal assets and White House contact.

While President Barack Obama and Judiciary chairman Patrick Leahy have asserted that they want a full Senate vote on Sotomayor’s confirmation before the Senate’s August recess, it seems more and more likely – based on Sen. Harry Reid’s comments – that Sotomayor will not get a vote until September.

“I don’t want anyone subjecting this good woman to criticism because of some arbitrary deadline I set,” Senate Majority Leader Reid said today at a news conference.

…Speaking on the Senate floor, Reid said “we have to make decisions as to whether or not we’re going to be able to do the Supreme Court nomination during the next work period, or [if] that will spill over until the next period, which would be September. I have spoken to the Republican leader about that and he’s indicated that he is going to be communicating with me as to what he thinks should be done in more detail than our brief conversation.”

One possibility is that the Judiciary Committee could hold its hearing in the final week of July or early August. That would grant Republicans 60 days, which they note was the average time between the nomination and opening of hearings for the last three Supreme Court nominees. But it would require waiting until September for the final Senate vote.

Leahy, who determines when the Judiciary Committee will act, has said it would be “irresponsible” to delay the hearing until September. Reid will set the schedule for the floor vote.


One response to “Sotomayor Submits Questionnaire to Senate Judiciary

  1. It’s as if Harry Reid thinks giving the Republicans more time to criticize will result in less criticism. How unfortunate. We don’t need to drag out what should be a straight-forward confirmation.

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