Event Tonight for Progressive Rep. David Segal

One of the few elected officials in the General Assembly who has been a loud, consistent and passionate advocate for civil rights, civil liberties and criminal justice reform is State Representative David Segal.

Providence Journal Photo

Providence Journal File Photo / Connie Grosch

Tonight, he is having a fundraising event from 600pm to 900pm at Nick-a-Nee’s (75 South St. in Providence’s jewelry district) featuring food and drink and the bands – The Low Anthem, The ‘Mericans, and What Cheer? Brigade.  The price?  Pay what you can.

Here is what the Providence Journal’s Political Scene had to say about last year’s Segal bash:

…a comparatively raucous Democratic event was in full swing: a fundraiser for Rep. David Segal, D-Providence, who represents the Fox Point neighborhood, a slice of the city’s downtown and East Providence. Segal’s time, held at Nick-a-Nees, the celebrated tavern in the city’s Jewelry District, drew hundreds of young Democrats.

Nick-a-Nees is a studiously casual joint, known for its jukebox (Dylan, Sinatra, blues), dog-friendly atmosphere, Red Sox fans and bartenders who are on a first-name basis with all the regulars. Think Cheers with grit. Shirts and ties were in the minority…Hundreds spilled into the Nick-a-Nee’s parking lot to listen to What Cheer and mingle on a rainless evening.

…Perhaps the most unusual thing about Segal’s fundraisers is that payment is optional. There were no name tags, comp tickets, or enforcers at the door keeping out the press or people who didn’t pay. “People can pay what they want, $25, $75, $100 or nothing,” Segal said.

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