Obama to Nominate Sotomayor to Supreme Court

Well, it looks like our #1 pick on our likely SCOTUS Justice nomination list will be nominated by President Barack Obama today. Several news organizations are reporting that President Obama will nominate federal appeals Judge Sonia Sotomayor for the Supreme Court on Tuesday, making her potentially the first Hispanic to sit on the nation’s highest court.

If confirmed by the Senate, Sotomayor, 54, would succeed retiring Justice David Souter. Two officials described Obama’s decision on condition of anonymity because no formal announcement had been made.

Administration officials say Sotomayor would bring more judicial experience to the Supreme Court than any justice confirmed in the past 70 years.

A formal announcement was expected at midmorning.

If you would like to bypass the spin and read Judge Sotomayor’s appellate opinions directly, click here to read Sotomayor’s key opinions on the 2nd Circuit:

Since joining the Second Circuit in 1998, Sotomayor has authored over 150 opinions, addressing a wide range of issues, in civil cases.  To date, two of these decisions have been overturned by the Supreme Court; a third is under review and likely to be reversed.  In those two cases (and likely the third), Sotomayor’s opinion was rejected by the Supreme Court’s more conservative majority and adopted by its more liberal dissenters (including Justice Souter).  Those outcomes suggest that Sotomayor’s views would in many respects be similar to those of Justice Souter.

Join me in clicking here to stay informed by the Alliance for Justice in their “Count Me In” campaign to ensure that Judge Sotomayor gets a fair confirmation hearing. Here’s AFJ director Nan Aron:

We are thrilled with this choice.  Sonia Sotomayor will be a strong voice to uphold the Constitution and the law to provide equal justice and protect personal freedoms for everyone in America, regardless of wealth, status, or popularity.

President Obama has nominated a highly qualified candidate with a compelling personal story and outstanding educational credentials.  Furthermore, the president is making history by nominating the first Latina to the Supreme Court.  Judge Sotomayor has more federal judicial experience than any justice nominated to the Supreme Court in the past 100 years.

Judges make a huge difference in our lives. Courts protect our air and water, hold corporations accountable, ensure equal opportunity and fair pay, and safeguard our personal freedoms.

This nomination shows that President Obama is appointing judges who understand that the role of the courts is to give everyone a chance to be heard, to stand up for their rights, and get justice.

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