7 Candidates Interview for RI Superior Court Vacancy

Yesterday, the Judicial Nominating Commission interviewed seven candidates for a seat on the Superior Court bench after the March retirement of Judge Mark A. Pfeiffer.  The Commission was supposed to interview eight candidates, but current US Attorney Robert Corrente withdrew his name in a letter to commission Chairman Stephen J. Carlotti, according to the Providence Journal. Here are the 7 candidates who interviewed with the JNC (in alphabetical order):

  • William J. Ferland – Assistant Attorney General

  • John R. Gowell Jr. – attorney with Burns & Levinson LLP

  • Rebecca Tedford Partington – deputy chief of the Civil Division, Attorney General’s office

  • Brian P. Stern – Governor Carcieri’s chief of staff

  • Brian Van Couyghen –a General Assembly lawyer and former state prosecutor

  • Stacey Pires Veroni –  chief of the Criminal Division, Attorney General’s office

  • Stephen R. White – private practice and South Kingstown probate judge


2 responses to “7 Candidates Interview for RI Superior Court Vacancy

  1. What kind of trial/courtroom experience does Stern have? Same question for Gowell. Anybody know?

    In RI Supreme & Superior I can only find one reported case with Stern as attorney and none for Gowell.

    Just curious.

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