RI Supreme Court Upholds Domestic Violence Conviction

In a 13-page unanimous opinion, Acting Chief Justice Maureen Goldberg affirmed the jury conviction of Gerardo Cardona on two counts of domestic assault in violation of R.I.G.L. § 11-5-3 and § 12-29-5 (disposition of domestic violence cases).  You can almost hear the exasperation in the tone of Justice Goldberg:

In this case, the Supreme Court is confronted with yet another victim of domestic violence who, after her abuser was arrested and charged with a felony, changed her story and gave markedly different testimony at trial to protect her abuser. The jury was provided with two versions of the events leading to this prosecution—the first was the statement given to the police on the scene and the second was the testimony at trial. By its verdict of guilty, the jury chose to believe the statement the witness gave to the police immediately after the crime. We affirm.

We must do all we can to stop domestic violence.  Click here to learn more about the Rhode Island Coalition Against Domestic Violence.


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