Caroline Kennedy to the SCOTUS?

When K-Lo from the National Review wrote last June of Caroline Kennedy being appointed to the Supreme Court, no one took her very seriously. Now, perhaps they are.

The case for Caroline Kennedy to be Obama’s first SCOTUS nominee goes something like this, as a friend described to me in an email this morning:

Caroline Kennedy possesses both of the qualities that the Obama administration is looking for: she’s an intellect and a compassionate legal advocate. She is a Columbia Law graduate, a mother of three kids and a co-author of two legal books In Our Defense: The Bill of Rights in Action and The Right to Privacy. While the “Kennedy dynasty” motif could be a negative – as it played out in Kennedy’s push for former Sen. Hillary Clinton’s seat – it also has its upsides.  For example, her uncle Sen. Kennedy has many, many friends in the US Senate and in the Judiciary (ie Hatch) and it might make for easier sailing in the confirmation battle.  Finally, Kennedy is young (51) and could provide a historic counter-weight to a Roberts Court that has attempted to build on the Scalia/Thomas foundation and make a firm shift to the right.

While I am not fully convinced, I have added her to our list of the top 15 possible SCOTUS nominees (replacing Gov. Patrick).


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