Lawyer turned Escort ‘outed’ by Providence Journal

In a bizarre story co-mingling media and legal ethics, the Providence Journal publicly ‘outed’ a Massachusetts attorney living in Rhode Island who was the victim of an alleged robbery while working as an escort.  The ABA Journal and NBC 10 also reported on the story and included the attorney’s name.  However, the attorney made every effort to keep her name out of the media.

Assistant Attorney General Stacey Pires Veroni contacted The Journal on Friday and said that Baccala wanted to recant her allegation because of “press involvement” and urged the newspaper not to identify Baccala as the victim. “I’m going to have difficulty with my case, or no case at all,” Veroni said.

In an interview with The Journal, Baccala vehemently objected to having her name published and said that to avoid publicity she was going to tell the police she made up the attack. The publicity “will ruin my entire life,” she said.

The Journal story does not include their rationale for publishing the attorney’s name.


3 responses to “Lawyer turned Escort ‘outed’ by Providence Journal

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  2. Good post, I tracked back to you here–
    The Journal has a long standing policy of naming people who report crimes. In this case, the alleged victim was possibly breaking a law as well. In any case, she was doing things that it harms her to have revealed. Too bad, the ‘Pretty Woman’ myth is noxious and dishonest.

  3. Possibly breaking the law?

    In what way?

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