Jack McConnell Receives Widespread Support for Bid for U.S. District Court

As reported by WRNI’s Scott MacKay, prominent and well-respected Providence attorney Jack McConnell has received widespread support for his bid to become a judge in the US District Court in Rhode Island (which we previously reported here).

McConnell boasts a long list of civic and political involvement. He is chairman of the board of Trinity Repertory Theatre, chairman of the Providence Tourism Council and vice-chairman of the board of directors of Crossroads Rhode Island.

Among those who sent letters supporting McConnell’s bid for the judgeship are a slew of state business, political, labor and religious leaders, including David Whalen, ceo of A.T. Cross; Merrill Sherman, ceo of BankRI; Howard Sutton, publisher of the Providence Journal; George Nee, secretary-treasurer of the state AFL-CIO; the Rev. Ray Malm; Sr. Anne Keefe [of St. Michael’s Church]; and Warwick Mayor Scott Avedisian, a Republican.

It is impressive to see so many business and Republican leaders lining up behind McConnell’s nomination.  He has a big tent of support.


6 responses to “Jack McConnell Receives Widespread Support for Bid for U.S. District Court

  1. For First Circuit?

    Check your headline.

  2. Thanks. Correction noted.

  3. Did you see the WSJ editorial today on this?

  4. Jon –

    I did see that vitriolic piece of fiction in today’s Wall St. Journal.

    It should come as no surprise that one of the nation’s leading advocates against the civil justice system would attempt to defame one of the nation’s most successful plaintiff’s attorneys.

    Unfortunately, they have failed to do their homework as many of their typical constituents – Business and Republicans – are supporting McConnell.

    Here is a sampling of letters of support for McConnell:

    • David Whalen, CEO of A.T. Cross

    • Scot Jones, CEO of Groov-Pin

    • Merrill Sherman and Jim DeRentis, BankRI

    • Howard Sutton, Publisher of the Providence Journal

    • Adam Hamblett, Cox Communications

    • John Palumbo, RI Monthly

    • Jon Duffy, Duffy & Shanley

    • Sally Lapides, Owner of Residential Properties

    • Gina Raimondo, Pt. Judith Capital

    • Donna Brady, Citizen’s Bank

    • Edye Demarco, Merrill Lynch

    • Juana Horton, Hispanic Chamber of Commerce

    • Anne Nolan, CEO of Crossroads

    • Republican Mayor of Warwick Scott

    • Former Republican Attorney General Jeff Pine

    • Former Republican Party Vice-Chair John Harpootian

    • Former RI Supreme Court Chief Justice Jospeh Weisberger

    • RI Superior Court Justices Netti Vogel and Frank Darigan

    • Barbara Hurst, RI Public Defender’s Office

    • Col. Dean Esserman, Chief of the Providence Police

    • Roger Williams University School of Law Dean David Logan

    • Representatives from both sides of the Tobacco lawsuit: Washington Governor Christine Gregoire and Tobacco Company lawyer Meyer Koplow

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