Providence Mayor David Cicilline: Not Running for Governor in 2010

First came the news that likely Republican candidate Steve Laffey had decided against a 2010 gubernatorial bid.  Now, longtime Democratic candidate for Governor, Providence Mayor David Cicilline, has opted against a run and instead will be running for his 3rd term as Mayor in 2010.

Cicilline made his announcement on his blog and on this YouTube video release:

This announcement is likely good news for Lt. Gov. Elizabeth Roberts and former US Senator Lincoln Chafee as many political experts have noted that Cicilline, Roberts and Chafee share many of the same (read: affluent, liberal) supporters.  Pundits are keeping a closer eye on Chafee, too, since he recently announced that he is “very, very seriously” looking at a gubernatorial run.

On the flip side, this announcement is bad news for Meeting Street executive John Kelly, who has raised a substantial amount of money in the hopes of running for an open mayoral seat upon Cicilline’s departure.  Kelly has previously pledged not to run against Cicilline.  Click here to see the full gamut of 2010 candidates.


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