More Papitto Troubles at RWU

Ralph R. Papitto, the disgraced former chairman of the board at Roger Williams University whose named was removed from the law school after he used the “N word” in a board meeting is now in a legal battle with the University:

Ralph R. Papitto and Roger Williams University, the school he used to lead as its board chairman, are taking aim at each other in lawsuits filed this week in Providence County Superior Court.

Papitto charges the university has reneged on its agreement to pay Kentron Associates, a limited partnership he created, the $8.4 million the school owes it for the purchase of the former Best Western Bay Point Inn and Conference Center in 2000.

The inn, bought by Kentron for $2.7 million, was transformed into the Roger Williams University Residence Hall & Conference Center on Anthony Road to help the university deal with a housing crunch caused by overenrollment, Michael Trainor, spokesman for Pappito, said.

Papitto, who served as board chairman for 20 years before resigning in 2007 after admitting he used a racial slur, is seeking the money for the 33-acre center “that is rightfully ours,” Trainor said.

The university, in a dueling suit, accuses Papitto of fraud, using his position as board chairman to orchestrate through “bait and switch tactics” a bad deal for the school. It says he failed to follow through on his promise to sell the inn to the university for $1.5 million and “gift” the difference in the market value to the school.

It also says he breached his contract with the university by neglecting to pay another $3.2 million he had pledged.

Courtesy of the Providence Journal, read the RWU lawsuit here and read the Papitto lawsuit here.


One response to “More Papitto Troubles at RWU

  1. Is anything about Ralph Papitto surprising? The university was prepared to buy a property for under $ 2million; he as chair bought it, charged them for the mortgage, upkeep, improvements; wrote a sweetheart deal with his “board” most of whom worked for him; reneged on his pledge and NOW wants $ 8 million more! Some gift. In fact it’s priceless.

    The law school and university are far better with him gone.

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