Thank You, Hard Deadlines

A big thanks is owed John McDaid, the editor of the Portsmouth-based blog Hard Deadlines for their post today on the debut of the Closing Argument blog.

Matt Jerzyk, who created the influential RI Future and served as the official state blogger at last year’s national Democratic convention, has launched a new blog called Closing Argument.

In an e-mail sent to local media this morning, Jerzyk says the blog will “focus on our three branches of government in RI, MA and the US as well as the politics that play out in between. I intend Closing Argument to be more legal-based, intellectual, and objective than my previous endeavor.”

Jerzyk sold RI Future last December and took a position with a Providence law firm, and I personally wondered how long it would be before we saw something new and exciting from him.

This is going to be both. Welcome to this great new addition to the RI blogosphere. Check it out.

Thanks, John!


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