Panel on the Employee Free Choice Act

In the wake of Vice-President Joe Biden’s supportive comments at an AFL-CIO executive committee meeting, the American Constitution Society (ACS) will host a panel discussion of the Employee Free Choice Act (EFCA) on Wednesday March 11th.

Among other things, EFCA is designed to allow employees the choice of indicating their support for a union through ballot elections or by signing cards authorizing union representation, which is referred to as either majority sign-up recognition or card check recognition. As Congress considers this legislation, many different questions will need to be considered. How will EFCA change current labor law? What are the myths and truths about ballot elections and majority sign-up recognition? Can EFCA be part of a larger conversation about remedying a faltering economy?

Experts in labor policy, labor law, and human rights will discuss these and other issues in a candid conversation. The panel will feature Dean Baker, Willis Goldsmith, Julie Martinez Ortega, Carol Pier, and David Madland.  Click here for more information and to register for the event online


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