9 Finalists for RI Family Court Appointment

There are currently nine candidates who have been interviewed and are being considered by the Judicial Nominating Commission for the RI Family Court vacancy created when Judge Howard I. Lipsey stepped down late last year.

  • Joseph A. Abbate, director of the General Assembly’s Department of Law Revision.
  • East Greenwich Municipal Court Judge David N. Bazar.
  • Family Court mediator Lori J. Giarrusso.
  • Family Court court-appointed special advocate Rossie L. Harris.
  • Family Court Magistrate Angela Bucci Paulhus.
  • Family Court Magistrate Patricia K. Asquith

  • Karen Lynch Bernard, a private-practice lawyer who focuses on family law.

  • John E. McCann, a partner with Kirshenbaum & Kirshenbaum focusing on domestic relations.
  • Alton W. Wiley Jr., a North Providence lawyer and a member of the Rhode Island Commission for Human Rights.

On March 19th, the JNC will hold a public hearing at the RI Department of Administration and will then select three to five names to present the governor, who must make the appointment and then win approval from the Senate Judiciary Committee.


2 responses to “9 Finalists for RI Family Court Appointment

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  2. Karen Lynch made a gross error in Kent County Family Court on 8/15/2016

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