Rhode Island’s 2010 Attorney General Race

In addition to the vacant RI judgeships discussed here, here, here and here, the Rhode Island legal community is awash in speculation about who is lining up to run for Attorney General in 2010.  The current Attorney General, Patrick Lynch, is term-limited and running for Governor.

Here is a list of possible candidates whose names have been circulating for the AG’s race (in alphabetical order):

      Just like 1998, this could be the most exciting race in the Primary Election.

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      8 responses to “Rhode Island’s 2010 Attorney General Race

      1. Breaking News? Jabour is an official candidate for Mayor or just a potential candidate?

        Harsch is not running, he’s focusing on his practice.

        This will definitely be a great race, but I’m starting to get the impression that it will only be the D Primary that is exciting.

        Like the new blog as well, good job Matt.

      2. Mach –

        I meant “former” to follow both State Rep. and candidate for Mayor. In other words, he was a “former candidate for Mayor.”

        I have not heard that Jabour is a current candidate for Mayor.


      3. Congratulations on your new blog. It’s eminently more readable than what remains of the old one.

        PS I’m fairly certain that Bill Harsch is not running again. The chance of a GOP primary in this race is virtually zero, although you might be surprised to learn what other races will be having them.

      4. Mr. Wallin is a great candidate. I spoke with him a week ago about his experiences. He has run a large office as a Jag and wants to do good for Rhode Island. It will be a great race and I hope people get a chance to speak directly with all candidates. It is refreshing.

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